Melvin Brewery – Alpine, WY

  • FRF was hired to design and complete the build-out of Melvin brewery from inception to completion. The stakes for precision and execution were even greater as FRF was the second contractor onsite, making it imperative to understand the specs and needs of the brewery and any concerns they had with the prior design.

    This project also had its own unique challenges.  Melvin Brewery is located in a remote location in the mountains of Wyoming. For this reason, it was imperative take a high-level look at each potential challenge and proactively prepare the project scope to allow time for the deliveries and transport of material through potentially hazardous weather conditions.

    Ultimately the project was successful, and Melvin is currently producing and distributing to multiple locations across the U.S. 

    FRF continues in its efforts to provide outstanding service and make any updates needed for their evolving business.