Koppers Vacuum System – Denver, CO

  • FRF significantly improved the one-tank vacuum system at Koppers Denver, Colorado location. The system is utilized to treat crossties and utility poles with creosote. This treatment is critical for these products that are used by major railroad companies. Additionally, they are part of a larger and critical matter to the nation’s infrastructures and their continued operations for national security.

    The one-tank system provided considerable interruptions to service. Koppers’ treatment plants put considerable emphasis on reliability and uninterrupted service. FRF took this into consideration and designed a three-tank system by duplicating the current system and adding two more tanks. The evolved system enabled Koppers to have a continual work-flow despite any tanks issues or necessary cleaning for a tank.

    During the project, the size of the building provided some challenges. FRF incorporated this into the design and timeline, utilizing other space to complete the fabrication and welding before placing the tanks in the necessary location. This also enabled Koppers’ to continue the current workflow. In addition, FRF insulated the tanks to eliminate further costs.

    FRF was able to provide a more efficient vacuum system by understanding Koppers’ as their customer, the important services they provide and how interrupted work can affect their end-users. We pride ourselves in critical thinking and going a step further to provide the most effective systems.